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About Grapes The Wine Company in White Plains, NY 10603

Grapes The Wine Company was founded in the fall of 1997 with the intention of making the world´s greatest wines more accessible. We strive to offer wines of all styles, of exceptional quality, and of great value. Our aim is to make the enjoyment of the finest and rarest wines an easy and pleasurable experience for all. By tapping into our extensive and growing network of relationships from around the world, we offer the opportunity to discover the newest and most exciting wines from both established and emerging regions. Peruse the website and contact us if you have any further questions. Also, do not forget to sign up for our E-Mail Alerts!

Daniel Posner - Owner

Daniel joined Grapes The Wine Company on November 1st, 2000. He became the managing partner in 2004, Daniel has been featured and quoted in such publications as the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Wine Spectator, Food & Wine Magazine, Forbes Magazine, People, USA Today, Fox News, amongst others. The Wall Street Journal referred to him one of the most influential wine retailers in the United States. For the past 22 years, Daniel has been a wine consultant, with clients from all over the globe. He travels extensively each year to wine regions to meet with producers, winemakers, winery owners, and to help procure the wines for his store. Daniel’s expertise in wine goes far beyond the usual wine store owner’s knowledge. He typically tastes about 10,000 wines annually, with a passion for the wines of Burgundy, Piedmont, Tuscany, and California. Daniel also serves on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Wine Retailers, a retailer/wine club/auction house national trade organization founded in 2006. He served as President from 2011 to 2019. Daniel is frequently called on to testify before local agencies and state governments all over the country on behalf of progressive wine retailers. He helps provide in-depth analysis as to the current and future wine market. Daniel played an integral role in the most recent Supreme Court victory in Tennessee Wine & Spirits Retailer Association vs. Thomas. This landmark decision will ultimately pave the way for wine consumers to purchase wine and spirits from any merchant of their choosing, anywhere in the United States! Daniel is an experienced and accomplished speaker. He hosts everything from local wine dinners in Manhattan to industry conferences in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and beyond. Daniel has written for wine magazines and a range of lifestyle publications.

You can reach Daniel at

Edwin Orellana - General Manager

Edwin started off his venture in the wine industry in 2013 here at Grapes The Wine Company. He began as a part-time employee filling orders. He moved his way up to Shipping Manager, through hard work, dedication, and an eye for accuracy, and has used that same work ethic to earn the General Manager position. Edwin oversees when, where, and how every package goes in and out of this store, always does so with the utmost professionalism, and is at his finest when the pressure is at its highest. During the holidays, when every package is a top priority and there are thousands of valued customers for whom disappointment is simply not an option, Edwin always does the company proud. He now is a manager in charge of the day-to-day operations here at Grapes, and although he is still at an apprentice level as far as his wine knowledge is concerned, he is a Master in Customer service and satisfaction.

Edwin can be reached at

Bob Millman - Sales Consultant


Many years ago Bob tasted a bottle of 1953 La Mission Haut Brion. It transformed his life. On the path to a professorship in Philosophy, he decided that being in involved with wine on a professional level would have to be part of my life. He worked for 3 major retailers: Sherry-Lehmann, Morrell, and Company, and last but certainly not least Grapes since the summer of 2013. In 1982 Bob co-founded Executive Wine Seminars with Howard Kaplan. Over a 30+ year span, they conducted many high-end tastings for true wine lovers, corporations, and law firms. These events were as much about the camaraderie of tasting with like-minded individuals as they were about the tasting of wonderful wines. Bob's work for Grapes has rejuvenated our interest in the many reasonably priced wines that often deliver quality well beyond their price points. He's a diligent worker and dedicated worker tasting easily 5000 wines a year looking for the 10% that will delight our customer's senses. He always tries to convey his enthusiasm for wine in the weekly e-mails he produces for Grapes. 

Bob can be reached at

Eddie Santiago - Retail Assistant Manager

Eddie is familiar with the wine industry due to his previous work endeavors in food and drink operations; he worked at beer distribution and supermarket food town. He started working at Grapes in 2021 and we couldn’t be happier for him to join the team as our Retail assistant manager. Some of Eddie’s daily day to day tasks include: providing excellent customer service to customers in-store by helping them with their wine purchases, directing the restocking of inventory and assisting when problems or inquires occur, unloading daily inventory shipments, generating new sales growth or new customer relationships, controlling general maintenance of store, office, and storage area to guarantee everything is organized in order to reach optimum sales goals.

Keegan Roberts - Marketing Manager

Keegan started working in the liquor industry in 2018, working for the Universal Package Store in Storrs, CT, while a student at UConn and then at Wine Enthusiast after he graduated. Keegan helps create content for our website, oversees our social media outreach, and structures our marketing campaigns. He is our Swiss Army Knife so to speak, if there are any problems that need problem-solving and fixing he is our guy.

You can reach Keegan at

Ryan T - Operations Manager

Ryan started working in the wine and spirits industry in 2016 when he started as a delivery driver at Grapes. He has helped the company over the past five years in areas of delivery, shipping, general operations, and special projects. Ryan currently assists in all areas of operations and has responsibility for the company’s tasting events being fulfilled and delivered. If there is anything that needs to be done, you will never hear Ryan turn down the request for help.   

You can reach Ryan at

Jon Visser - Sales Representative

Jon, like many of us, did not go to college with aspirations to sell wine for a living. While commuting from New Jersey to Manhattan College in Riverdale, NY, he needed to find a job to help contribute to the expenses for his college education. He found what he thought was just another liquor store in Fort Lee, NJ. The store happened to be Carlo Russo’s Wine & Spirit World, which, at the time, was known to have a broad and diversified collection of wine, especially from France and Italy. Jon graduated from Manhattan College in 1995 with a degree in Finance, but decided to continue in the wine business because of his recently discovered passion. In 2002, Jon decided to take on a new challenge at a very prominent wine store in Central New Jersey. He quickly became involved with purchasing and selling all wines but specialized in French and Italian. During this time, he was able to make multiple visits to Napa, Burgundy, Bordeaux and the Rhône, as well as visiting the Loire Valley, Chablis and Provence.  Jon enjoys wines from all regions but especially from Burgundy, Bordeaux and the value wines coming from Beaujolais and Chinon. Jon feels that there is a lot of great wine being produced all over the world that can be enjoyed for a reasonable price and loves the challenge of finding them.  Jon will be focusing his efforts on selling and sourcing fine wines from all over the world. 

You can reach Jon at

Brandon James - Assistant Retail Store Manager

Brandon started off his wine journey in 2017 where he began as a seasonal employee at Stew Leonard’s Wine Shop in Yonkers, NY. During his 3-year tenure, he developed a passion for whiskey and craft spirits. Today, he is proudly extending his wine & spirits knowledge as assistant Retail Store Manager. Brandon oversees store operations, maintains inventory, feeds insight on new products, and assists on our email offers.  Although he works for an online focused retailer, Brandon prides himself on his handselling abilities and strives to provide the friendliest customer service, creating an positive brick and mortar experience.


You can reach him at

Ron Priskie - Shipping Manager

Ron’s road to the wine business started like a Billy Joel song, a bottle of white and a bottle of red, specifically a Chablis and a California Cabernet. From there, he joined a wine of the month club with bottles provided by a local wine shop. From there, it was total immersion in the industry including stints at a number of retail wine shops in Westchester and NYC and some time as a road warrior (selling wholesale) calling on stores and restaurants throughout the Hudson Valley. And finally, he ended up at Grapes.

You can reach Ron at

William "Tish" Tisherman - Wine Specialist

Known widely in the trade simply as Tish—got his first taste of the wine biz moonlighting as a proofreader for Les Amis du Vin magazine. The Pittsburgh native then moved to New York as a founding editor of Wine Enthusiast, guiding features there for a decade. Turning his knack for wine and words toward speaking, Tish has developed and led events and classes for a variety of corporations, industry trade groups and law firms—not to mention private parties that would make Bacchus envious. Besides working the aisles in White Plains, Tish will also be expanding Grapes events, both in-store and beyond. His unique approach to wine is captured in the motto “I think, therefore I am; I drink wine, therefore I am more.”

You can reach Tish at

Jae Brooks - Warehouse Operations

Jae Brooks joined Grapes in 2021 in warehouse operations. Jae's bright smile behind his mask does not go unnoticed by clients, as well as employees. 

Jessica Sterner - Photographer

Jessica Sterner joined Grapes The Wine Company in 2021. Previous to that was on the photography team at Wine Enthusiast magazine. She is a professional product and lifestyle photographer. Her work has been featured in both wine publications and fashion magazines. In addition, Jessica has worked for restaurants, clothing companies, and other prominent retailers as the lead photographer or as a part of the photography team and shoots events in her free time. She created her own major at UMASS Amherst, and studied a combination of photography, marketing, and psychology, earning herself a bachelor's degree there.

You can reach Jessica at

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