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Bhakta - Brandy 27:07

The Calvados character pops right away, and it’s a nice foil to the smokiness of the Islay cask, adding a bright apple — almost orangey — character to the nose. Hints of cinnamon and nutmeg give the brandy some nuance, with a more savory, oak-driven element adding some gravitas. The palate pops with fruit, the smoke here coming across like a mix of apples and stone fruit pulled off the grill, laced throughout with vanilla and caramel. The peaty notes slowly dissipate, leaving behind a pleasant and bright little fruit salad character, with apple, pear, and banana all represented, a beach campfire lingering in the background. Fun stuff. 90 proof. A- August 15, 2022/Christopher Null

Bhakta Description

"Raj Bhakta, a former investment banker, Apprentice contestant and Congressional candidate, wanted to start a whiskey company. Bhakta sought the advice of the late and legendary Dave Pickerell, and in a move that helped cement the now familiar pattern of building a brand with sourced whiskey while making the capital-intensive investments to build a distillery and release in-house product, imported aged stocks of 100% rye from Canada for bottling in Vermont. Bhakta was later forced out of WhistlePig under a cloud, eventually selling his stake in the company and signing a non-compete agreement. That agreement has now expired, and so The man who started WhistlePig is back with a new, namesake company, Bhakta Spirits. " Richard Thomas, The Whiskey Reviewer

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Producer Bhakta
Country France
Region Calvados
Style Calvados
Vintage 2007
Sku 06334
Size 750ml
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